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Contextualizing Vietnam

This exhibit tries to situate Vietnam from late 19th century to 20th century in a regional and global context. It attempts to highlight the transnational networks that influenced the economic, social, and political developments of Vietnam. The author of this exhibit hopes that the exhibit will allow the users to view Vietnamese history through a Vietnamese perspective and gain insights into how external events influenced internal Vietnamese developments.

The exhibit is designed so to be accessible to almost everyone with rudimentary knowledge of of Vietnamese history. Users can jump around different sections and still be able to get a general sense of the information contained in those sections. However, novice of the field of Vietnamese history should proceed from the Timeline section forward for the full effect of the exhibit.

Experienced (digital) historians who want to jump into the meat of the evidences for the contextualization of Vietnam as a regional actor and an international player should jump to the “Vietnam 1954 to 1975” section in the “Internationalism, Vietnam, and the Cold War” section. This is where most of the results of digital manipulation of census data reside. While the exhibit loathes to make an explicit claim for a position, this section is where an argument was presented in a less nuanced way relative to the implicit positions taken in other sections.

The author especially invites the users who want to learn more about beneficial results of Digital History to explore the “South Vietnamese Economy,” “South Vietnamese Shipping,” and “South Vietnamese Air Transportation.” It is in these three sections that the users could engage with the different tools employed to generate different digital media - graphs, charts, timeline, and maps - seen in the exhibit.

Please note that this exhibit is also a work in progress, and things are subjected to change without notice. Please occasionally check back for exhibit updates.



Bao Kham Chau