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The Travelers

The three travelers studied, William Jesse, Laurence Oliphant, and Charles Stoddard, lived very different lives before venturing into Russia.

William Jesse

  • After serving in the British Military in India, Jesse came down with an illness, for which his doctor prescribed travel.
  • Went first to Rotterdam before making his way to Odessa for a trip through Russia.
  • Travelled with his wife, often using 'we' in his description of events.
  • Went from Odessa to St. Petersburgh in 1939-1940, publishing his account in 1941.
Laurence Oliphant
  • Well-educated British Author.
  • Traveled with friend Oswald Smith.
  • Went from St. Petersburgh to Odessa, through Crimea, via the Volga River.
  • Published in 1853, the account gained popularity during the Crimean War.
Charles Augustus Stoddard
  • A Presbyterian clergymen who often travelled.
  • Travelled throughout Europe, utilizing railroads to move from large city to large city.
  • Published in 1891.
  • Does not write much about himself or his traveling party, dividing the account by attraction.




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